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Sunday January 26th 2020  Shadows of Christ in the Old Testament   Numbers 21:1-9    Pastor Aaron Thompson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday January 19th 2020  The Son of Man   Daniel 7  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday January 5th 2020  Savoring the God of the Skies and the Scriptures   Psalm 19  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Wednesday January 1st 2020  Putting on the new   Colossians 3:12 - 17  Pastor Gregg Lawson    MP3 (Audio)

Tuesday December 31st 2019  Taking Off the Old   Colossians 3:1-11  Pastor Gregg Lawson    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday December 29th 2019  The new Jerusalem   Revelation 21:1-5  Pastor Gregg Lawson    MP3 (Audio)

Wednesday December 25th 2019  The Places of Christmas - Williamsburg   John 1:1-18  Pastor Gregg Lawson    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday December 22nd 2019  The Places of Christmas - Bethleham   1 Samuel 16:6-13  Pastor Gregg Lawson    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday December 15th 2019  The Places of Christmas - Jerusalem   Hebrews 10:19-25  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday December 8th 2019  The places of Christmas - Canaan   Genesis 11:31- 12:5  Pastor Gregg Lawson    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday December 1st 2019  The Garden   Genesis 2:4-25, 3:1-13, 22-24    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday November 24th 2019  the Church as a Community of the Spirt   Romans 8:1-11  Pastor Gregg Lawson    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday November 17th 2019  The Church as a Servant People   2 Corinthians 4:5-12  Pastor Gregg Lawson    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday November 10th 2019  The Church as the body of Christ   John 15:1-8  Pastor Gregg Lawson    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday November 3rd 2019  The Church as a Community of Salvation   Matthew 5:13-16    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 27th 2019  The Church as a People of God   1 Peter 2:4-10    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 20th 2019  What Is The Church   Act 2:42-47    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Monday October 14th 2019  Thankful for Jesus   Hebrews 1:1-4    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 13th 2019  Ask, Seek, Knock   Matthew 7:7-12    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 6th 2019  The Grateful Life   Romans 12  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)