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Sunday November 11th 2018  The Path to Redemption   Ruth 2    Minister Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday November 4th 2018  The Hills and Valleys of Providence   Ruth 1    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 28th 2018  Solus Christus   Hebrews 9:11-28  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 14th 2018  The Great High Priest Who Sympathizes   Hebrews 4 :12-16    Minister Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Monday October 8th 2018  Remember   Deuteronomy 8  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday September 23rd 2018  Grace that motivates our "Yes" and "No"   Titus 2:11-14  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday September 16th 2018  The Teacher, the Listener and the Suffering Servan   Isaiah 50:4-9; Mark 8:27-38    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday September 9th 2018  Dont Worry   matthew 6:25-34    Pastor Dan Zylstra  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday September 2nd 2018  A Fools Manifesto   Psalm 14    John Kerssies  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday August 26th 2018  Scandalous faith   Hebrews 11    Brian Barr  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday August 19th 2018  Gods glory shared with humanity   Psalm 8  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday August 5th 2018  Do You Know If You Know God?   1 John 1:5-10  Pastor Silvio (Syl) Esteves    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 29th 2018  This Little Light of Mine   matthew 5:14 - 16  Pastor Silvio (Syl) Esteves    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 15th 2018  Trust   Jeremiah 17:5-8  Pastor Silvio (Syl) Esteves    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 8th 2018  Amazing Grace   Ephesians 2:1-10  Pastor Silvio (Syl) Esteves    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 1st 2018  My chains are gone   Mark 5:1-20  Pastor Silvio (Syl) Esteves    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday June 17th 2018  Community, the Godly Way   Joshua 7:24-25; Daniel 9; Roma  Pastor Silvio (Syl) Esteves    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday June 10th 2018  Above All   John 3:31  Pastor Silvio (Syl) Esteves    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday June 3rd 2018  Be Strong and Courageous    Joshua 1  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday May 27th 2018  Jesus Restores Peter   John 21:1-25    Rev. Nick Nanninga  MP3 (Audio)