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Sunday December 10th 2017  An Ordinary Mom, and Ordinary Dad   Luke 1:12-38  Pastor George Holthof    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday November 26th 2017  Godly Sorrow vs Worldly Sorrow   2 Corinthians 7  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday November 19th 2017  OF SPECKS AND PLANKS   Matthew 7:1-5; 1 John 1:8-9  Pastor George Holthof    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday November 12th 2017  The Guide(Book) of Life   2 Timothy 3 16-17  Pastor Pastor George Holthof    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday November 5th 2017  FORGIVEN!!   John 8:1-11  Pastor Pastor George Holthof    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 22nd 2017  How Big is Your God?   1 Kings 18 (text vv 21, 39)  Pastor Pastor George Holthof    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 15th 2017  WE DO MATTER TO GOD   Pslam 8(:3-8); Genessis 1:26-2  Pastor George Holthof    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 8th 2017  How Great is Gods Love   Romans 8:28-39 (37-39)  Pastor Pastor George Holthof    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 1st 2017  A Hopeful Answer to a Haunting Question   Psalm 42    John Kerssies  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday September 17th 2017  God’s Answer to a Thorny Question   2 Corinthians 12:1-10    Rev John Kerssies  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday September 3rd 2017  Let them understand   Nehemiah 8:1-12  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday August 27th 2017  Never Seen Anything Like This   Mark 2:12    Ralph Noorg  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday August 20th 2017  Don’t be intimidated. God’s got you!   Nehemiah 6  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday August 13th 2017  Fix Your Eyes on Jesus   Hebrews 12:1-3    Jason Wagensveld  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday August 6th 2017  Jesus Shepherd of His Sheep    Psalm 23 & John 10:11-18    Rev. Wieger De-Jong  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 30th 2017  The power of prevailing prayer   Psalm 32:6    Rev Wieger Dejong  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 23rd 2017  Worthless Credentials   Philippians 3:1-11    Rev. John Kerssies  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 16th 2017  Joseph is sold by his brothers   Genesis 37; Psalm 105:1-6, 16-    Pasor Nick Cornelisse  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 9th 2017  Without any limitaions   Matthew 18:25-31    Dan Schuler  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 2nd 2017  No Excuses - Just Go   Jeremiah 1  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)