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Sunday April 14th 2019  the stones will cry out hosanna   Luke 19:28-44    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday April 7th 2019  Poured Out   John 13:1-17    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday March 31st 2019  Focusing on a Crown of Thorns   Luke 9:28-36; 51-56    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday March 24th 2019  Who is God?   Exodus 2:23- 3:15    Pastor Charles Van Hoffen  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday March 17th 2019  Time out   psalm 33    Sid Ypma  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday March 3rd 2019  Messy Saints - Spirit Filled   Ephesians 5:15-21    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday February 24th 2019  Messy Saints - Living in Unity   Ephesians 3:1-6    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday February 17th 2019  Messy Saints- Called   Ephesians 2:1-14    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday February 10th 2019  Messy Saints Chosen   Ephesians 1    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday February 3rd 2019  be a blessing   2 corinthians 9  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday January 27th 2019  Courtyard Grace   Luke 18-19    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday January 13th 2019  When God says Yes and No   Isaiah 35:5-6 Luke 7:11-23    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday January 6th 2019  Come and worship the king   Matthew 2:1-12  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday December 30th 2018  Through it All I will...   Psalm 27    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Tuesday December 25th 2018  Jesus - Name Above All Names   Matthew 1:18-25    Pastor Syl Esteves  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday December 23rd 2018  Living with Peace- Accomplished through Jesus   Genesis 49:8-12 Isaiah 9:6-7 L  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday December 23rd 2018  God's Light -> Our Light -> The World's worship   Psalm 67  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday December 23rd 2018  Silent night    Silent night     Congregation   MP3 (Audio)

Sunday December 16th 2018  Living with Love - God in Us   2 Samuel 7:11b-17    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday December 2nd 2018  Living with hope   Malachi 4:1-6    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)