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Sunday November 3rd 2019  The Church as a Community of Salvation   Matthew 5:13-16    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 27th 2019  The Church as a People of God   1 Peter 2:4-10    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 20th 2019  What Is The Church   Act 2:42-47    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Monday October 14th 2019  Thankful for Jesus   Hebrews 1:1-4    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 13th 2019  Ask, Seek, Knock   Matthew 7:7-12    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday October 6th 2019  The Grateful Life   Romans 12  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday September 29th 2019  The Spirit of the Church   1 Corinthians 11:17-34    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday September 15th 2019  My Faith Is Not Mine   Genesis 2:25-3:24    Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday September 1st 2019  Greed Goes Before the Fall   Luke 12:13 - 21  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday August 18th 2019  2 men 2 prayers 2outcomes   Luke 18:9-14  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday August 11th 2019  The Good Neighbor   Luke 10:25-37    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday August 4th 2019  When the Battle is the Lord's   2 Chronicles 20:1-20    Rev. John Kerssies  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 28th 2019  What do you want of me Jesus   Mark 5:1-20    Pastor Gregg Lawson  MP3 (Audio)

Friday July 26th 2019  If you love me... feed my sheep   John 21:15 - 19    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 21st 2019  Acceptable Religion   James 1:19-27  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 14th 2019  Focusing on Process, Not Content   Luke 10:38-42; James 1: 1-8    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday July 7th 2019  To Whom Must I Become a Neighbor   Luke 10:25-37    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday June 30th 2019  The Generous Landowner   Matthew 19:25 - 20:16  Pastor Joe Groeneveld    MP3 (Audio)

Sunday June 23rd 2019  Response to grace and pain   Luke 16:19-31    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)

Sunday June 16th 2019  Grace and Truth Applied   John 8: 1-11    Rev. Bernie Bakker  MP3 (Audio)